Update from the Greenhouse

garlic Spring is such a dynamic time of year, that when things start moving and growing, you can see changes daily…  The photo on the left is of some of the garlic I planted last fall.  I scuffled the soil around the plants last weekend, and they all look fabulous.  Inside the greenhouse, I had my work cut out for me….I have mentioned in a previous post that there were alot of “volunteers”, ie. self-seeded plants from last year’s plants.  Well, they are really growing now!  I have to move/remove some of them, and actually transplanted a patch of lettuce that was in a walkway.


Dill, lettuce and green onions, all self-seeded!

More dill and red lettuce

More dill and red lettuce












The peas are coming along nicely, too, although some didn’t germinate.  They were a bit too cold and wet from the mini-flood in the greenhouse a few weeks ago.  Nonetheless, they will be ready before the ones I plant outside soon.

Snow peas (on the right are some oats I've planted as green manure/bunny food)

Snow peas (on the right are some oats I’ve planted as green manure/bunny food)

I found it very interesting that although I had been thinking I was late with some of my sowing, I actually have more greens started in the greenhouse than I had realized!  It seems that wherever I had lettuce growing late last summer, ALL the plants went to seed.  And even though it looks a bit untidy, I am grateful for the gift.  Here is another example of some pak choy I had seeded last bokchoymonth, with beautiful Bibb lettuce coming up through it.








Now, I actually did plant some seeds this spring, like these cute little radishes and some delicious spinach…don’t they look yummy?









At one point while I was working this afternoon, I had just finished weeding the row of peas and stood up to stretch out my back, which was starting to get sore.  As I looked around me, at all the incredible little plants, I started smiling, then grinning, and then laughing.  “I have to get my head examined”, I thought to myself.  How can I be so happy and sore at the same time?   Apparently, it’s quite common among gardeners, so don’t be too concerned if it happens to you!

I finished up my afternoon with my first official harvest.  (Official, because I have been nibbling all week!)

We had our very first salad from our garden at dinner.  Included were lots of volunteers (green onions, dill, leaf lettuce, lamb’s quarter), as well as spinach and pak choy that were seeded.  Tender, juicy, sweet, and SO delicious!



2 responses to this post.

  1. I wish I could live within your greenhouse and watch all these wonderful things come to life. Greenhouses Rock!


    • Charles, I’m like a mother hen, checking on my “little ones” every day, tending to them when they need water or support! It is like stepping into the Nature Channel, watching everything grow, I love it!


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