Free movie offer

Yesterday was the launch of a free on-line offer from  Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology.  The movie is called Genetic Roulette, and will be available to watch online for free until September 22.  DVD copies are certainly available to buy from the website, but I strongly urge all of you to watch this film now.  It is just under an hour and a half long, and will make you think twice about everything you eat from now on.  It is not a graphically sensational movie, just full of facts and information that people need to know now.  The heat is going to be turned up, with California’s pivotal November elections , when the people will be able to vote for mandatory GMO-labelling on their foods through Proposition 37.  The vote will set the stage for other states to push for the same type of labelling, and hopefully Monsanto will not be able to shut them down (as it has in many previous attempts)  Monsanto is spending millions of dollars to prevent this proposition from going through, because they have so much to lose.

I’ll let you watch this and make up your own minds…

Please find the time to watch this, you won’t regret it.  Isn’t your health and your family’s health important to you?

The link to the movie is


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