A New Growing Season

Recently, I was introduced to someone as a “conscious farmer”.  I liked the sound of that.  When my friend was asked why she had called me that, she said it was because of the choices my husband and I make as we farm:  growing non-GMO crops (that’s going to be a whole other blog!) , using sustainable practices that nurture and care for our soil, and trying to work together with Mother Nature/Mother Earth to grow healthy, nourishing food for ourselves and our customers.  Throw in all the “woo woo” stuff  as well and I do feel we are farming “consciously”.

Today was a glorious spring-like day, with temperatures reaching the low teens.  I had been looking forward to my chance to work in the greenhouse, and was pleased to be able to do so in a short-sleeved tshirt.  After all, it was 27 degrees in there (with one of the doors open, even!)  The first thing I did was some basic house-cleaning of my work desk in the corner, cleaning up seeds that had been left behind over the winter, picking up shelled cobs of sweet corn that the mice had enjoyed and left behind in the corner, and getting my water trough indoors (with the help of Phillip).  Having a covered greenhouse is fabulous, because it does protect everything inside from inclement weather.  However, it also keeps the rain out, and despite the wet weather and snow against the outside walls, the soil inside is dusty dry (except for against the uphill wall, where the snow outside is seeping into the ground and providing lots of moisture.

That is where I started seeding on Monday – I planted lettuces, spinach and beet greens, for a start.  Today, I continued with more lettuce varieties, kale, bok choy and more beets.  It’s nice to not have to worrying about watering that side for a few days!

I had also planted some snow peas on Monday on the opposite side of the greenhouse.  Last summer, we had fastened plastic netting from overhanging bars, to provide a trellis for our beans.

This summer, we will have delicious peas instead!

Lots of greens, waiting to germinate...

The peas won't be up for a while yet!

Once my seeding was done, I decided to spread some more of our amazing mushroom  compost to another row, before working it up with the rototiller.  Phillip had brought a couple of tractor buckets over for me, so I could work at it as I had the time, rain or shine.  If you look through last year’s blog entries, there is one where I wrote about all the excellent properties of mushroom compost.  There is more and more study being done on the benefits of micorrhyza, and how this can be so beneficial to new plantings and seedings.  A commercial example would be the popular “Myke” products, found at most garden centres.

Beautiful mushroom compost from our farm



By this time I was getting pretty warm….it was 27 inside, after all.  Even Rocky, my trusty sidekick was panting…


After I got the whole row spread with compost and worked it over a few times with the tiller (thank goodness for that machine – otherwise, I would have been working it all in with a fork!) I decided that that was enough for today.  I have radishes, carrots and beets to sow yet, but according to my Biodynamic Planting Calendar, “Stella Natura”, I should wait til Friday, which will be better suited for planting root crops.  My rosy cheeks show how warm I got, and my grin shows how happy I was being a “conscious farmer” today! Thanks for checking out our blog, and see you next time!




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