On Hiatus

Last Wednesday, Ralph’s sister and niece were involved in a very serious car accident under wintry road conditions. Our niece was released from hospital, but Yvonne is now in a coma at St.Mike’s Hospital in Toronto. The trauma team there is incredible, and the support we have been receiving from other family members, friends and neighbours has been heartlifting. As the medical team tries to help her regain consciousness, and the surgeons continue to repair her battered body, we welcome your thoughts and prayers.

Anyone wishing to track Yvonne’s progress can do so at “Yvonne’s Journey” – http://www.yvonneonthemend.blogspot.com

Thanks, Julie and Ralph


2 responses to this post.

  1. Would you mind if I tried a long distance healing? I wish her a speedy recovery.


  2. Thank you, and yes, we welcome your help. There have been many doing the same… Julie


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